What goes into our ODK Lime Sour...

This is actually a very easy question to answer. There are only two ingredients in our ODK Lime Sour, the juice of hundreds of Mexican Limes and an antioxidant scientifically proven to keep the juice fresher, for longer.

We source all of our limes from the hot and dry climate of Mexico, which has proved for hundreds of years that it is a prime place for cultivating some of the world’s best limes. Although limes aren’t believed to be native to Mexico, they are most certainly well suited – and the Mexican people have gone a long way to adopting the incredible flavour the lime brings in both their drinks and their cuisine.

The Mexican lime is the world’s most popular and for good reason. This is why here at ODK we make our Lime Sour from 100% Mexican lime juice. It is often preferred to the Persian or Tahiti lime – the main rival to the Mexican lime – due to its unique flavour and special bouquet.

All around the world the Mexican lime is served as a garnish for fish and meats dishes, as well as to add flavour to a variety of soft drinks or as the sole added flavour in a number of cocktails such as the Gimlet or the Daiquiri. In fact the Mexican Lime is also colloquially known as the bartender lime, due to its huge popularity in drinks making.

Why ODK Lime Sour?

For us the mission was simple in creating our new range of sours. Cultivate the world’s best citrus fruits, be them lemons from Sicily or limes from Mexico, and bottle only the juice in our fully recyclable packaging.

By using fully recyclable packaging we hope to further encourage sustainability in the bar and drinks industry. Our juice is as good, if not better, than that of a fresh lime and why have your limes transported to you in a shell that you are only going to throw away once you have squeezed out the juice? At least the glass shell in which our juice is shipped can be added to your recycling.

Furthermore, with our added anti-oxidant the fresh lime juice remains fresher for longer than juice you squeeze yourself. We have kept the needs of all types of bars in mind when designing our new range of ODK Sours, be them big or small. Wastage can be a strong deterrent for some bars not offering fresh juice or a varied cocktail menu.

A bottle of our lime or lemon sour will last for 6 months at ambient room temperature, unopened. And one month once opened. Which is more than long enough even for those bars that don’t find themselves making a lot of drinks featuring fresh citrus juice.