What are some of the emerging bartending trends for 2019

With almost half of 2019 done we have had a look at some of the bartending trends that have been emerging this year as well as where they could continue to go for the rest of 2019.

2018 saw the rise of Instagram cocktails, fermented everything, and the continuation of a gin resurgence. 2019 seems to have continued many of these trends as well as to introduce some new ones…


Flavoured gin

The ‘ginsurgence’ or ‘ginaissance’ as it has been coined, continues. Although it has taken a turn for the pink. Pink gins and flavoured gins are the most popular they have ever been. According to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association the sale of these gins in the last 12 months was up nine times on the previous year! With that expect to find more gin cocktails on the menu.


Alcohol free

More and more brands are experimenting with alcohol free versions of their renowned spirits, wines and beers. 2019 has seen the most pints of non-alcoholic beer sold ever. And now with alcohol free gin, alcohol free whisky and more available this trend looks set to continue with newer generation appearing more health focused than those before.

If mocktails are what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place – we have a lot for you to try. Just visit our recipe page and select non-alcoholic beverages in the search filter.


Agave alternatives are the new cool

Tequila had a very good 2018 but everyone know’s what tequila is so its not cool anymore. Instead edgy bartenders are opting for other spirits made from the agave plant such as racilla, mezcal, and sotol. Bartenders love exotic ingredients and so expect to start seeing more of these pop up in the cocktail menus.


Asian flavours

The flavours of Asia are starting to find their way around the world and one in particular is Baijiu.  A spirit in its own right Baijiu has a very unique taste and flavour, which works well with a number of more traditional spirits such as whisky, rum, and gin.


Health and wellness breaks into the world of cocktails

Sugar is increasingly becoming a bad word in food and drink. Instead of sugary drinks such as ginger beer, some bartenders are turning to ginger purees such as our unique ODK ginger sour.

Expect to start seeing more vegetables in your cocktails as well, with the trend to use more vegetables over fruit in drinks continuing from 2018. This is something we have certainly championed here at ODK – now using vegetables for natural colouring of our fruit purees, replacing e-numbers.