The Best Plant-Based Milk For Frothy Coffees

With over 50 types of plant-based milk available to the dairy-free drinker in today’s ever-changing world, and sales of milk-alternatives more than doubling in 2020, the search for the best plant-milk for frothy coffee is on. It’s a challenge that many baristas must face but, we have some good news.

Frothy coffees are enjoyed the world-over with ODK barista syrups, so we have undertaken a little R&D and done the hard work for you. Yes, here are our top plant-based milk alternatives for your frothy coffee-loving customer:



One of the first plant-based alternatives to hit the Vegan scene, and the most common dairy-free offerings in cafes and eateries worldwide. Whilst it delivers a quality froth, this humble bean falls short on flavour and has been known to suffer from a bad reputation too. 



Almond and other nut milks (cashew and walnut to name a couple) have a high-fat content which makes for a fabulous froth, but the bitter taste of shop-bought varieties don’t lend themselves well to your latte. Mind you, there is nothing stopping you from making your own almond milk… 



Rice milk in coffees is much loved for its subtle flavour. It’s relatively neutral and allows your favourite roast to shine through. However, flavour comes at the cost of froth due to rice milk’s low fat content. Whilst we love the taste, it scores next to zero on froth factor.



We think we’re onto a winner here. High in protein for superb frothing action, suitably creamy in texture and as close to cow milk in flavour that we’ve come across. Top marks for the power of the pea. 



For us, the humble oat reigns supreme in this contest. Like pea milk, it has a subtle flavour which makes it perfect for espresso-based coffee. A moreish oaty flavour and thicker mouthfeel is a plus, and so is its resistance to temperature when frothing. There are many barista versions of Oat Milk now available too!


Whatever you choose, frothing plant-based milks will work great when paired with our ODK syrups for delicious caramel lattes, cinnamon cappuccino and your favourite barista creations.


Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK