Preparing perfect Prosecco cocktails with ODK Fruity Mix

Prosecco has long been the Italian answer to French Champagne, British sparkling wine, or Spanish cava. Derived from the Italian village of Prosecco near Trieste, it is believed this is where the grape originated that is used to make Prosecco wine – also known as glera grapes.

Although all are a form of sparkling wine, there are great differences between Prosecco, Champagne, and others. As a result, each will taste different when being used to make tasty sparkling wine cocktails.

For the purpose of the article, and because we are in Italy of course, we have chosen to lead with Prossecco for making these delicious and refreshing drinks. Although you can experiment with whichever sparkling wine you prefer…

Part of the charm of Prossecco cocktails is how simple and easy they are to make, particularly with our ODK fruit purees on hand.


Considering that ODK fruit purees are made using fruits grown in their native climates and with no artificial flavouring and colouring, as well as being gluten-free; there are plenty of reasons to try ODK.

Which fruits work?

The Bellini is a classic and perhaps the most well known of these drinks. Originally created in Venice, a Bellini is made up of two simple ingredients. A glass of sparkling wine and white peach fruit puree.

This expert trick should be applied to any Prosecco cocktail: mix a little Prosecco and a small serving of ODK Peach fruit puree in a glass with ice (adjust ODK Peach to taste).

Stir gently, for a short time, after which you should pour the contents back into the glass and top with Prosecco. Allowing this time for the temperature to adjust should avoid the cocktail foaming up unnecessarily.

Sometimes referred to as a Rossini, this classic cocktail uses the same methodology as the Bellini but simply replaces the Peach fruit puree with ODK Strawberry fruit puree.  In fact, you can create almost any fruit prosecco cocktail of your choice using this method, simply grab any of our 25 ODK fruit purees and get experimenting!

Just remember to mix a little Prosecco and fruit puree with ice first to make that perfect Prosecco Cocktail!

Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK