ODK sponsor the Chilean Bartender Association at the World Cocktail Championships 2018

Taking place in the capital city of Estonia, Talinn, The IBA World Cocktail Championships 2018 saw over 60 different countries competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the categories of:

  • Best Short Drink
  • Best Sparkling Cocktail
  • Bartender’s Choice
  • Best Long Drink
  • Best After Dinner Drink
  • Best Flair Bartender

It is the first time in over 67 years that the IBA World Cocktail Championships have been hosted in Estonia. Taking place over 2 days, over 120 cocktails were created and a total of 400 different drinks. As well as getting an insight into the art of cocktail making, the World Cocktail Championships always provides great and well mannered competition with each country wanting to take that World Champion title.

Here at ODK we had the pleasure of supporting the Chilean contingent made up of Sandro Chaura for flair bartending and Leticia Bustos for cocktails. Although neither managed to take a top spot this time around, both fought hard and created some exceptional cocktails.

Here were the results:

  • Grétar Matthiasson – Short Drink (Iceland)
  • Ariel Sanecki – Sparkling Cocktail (Ireland)
  • Karina Tamm – Bartender’s Choice (Estonia)
  • Agnieszka Cieslar – Long Drink (Poland)
  • Yandery Crispin – After Dinner Cocktail (Dominican Republic)
  • Danilo Oribe – Flair Bartending (Uruguay)

Take a look at some pictures of the Chilean Bartenders Association and ODK in action at the World Cocktail Championships below:


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