ODK Sours: The world's best lemons?

There is a saying on the beautiful Italian island of Sicily, ‘Lemons are not real lemons unless they are Sicilian’. There is also another saying, perhaps more well known, ‘When life hands us a lemon, make lemonade’ or in the case of ODK, Lemon sour!

The humble lemon is thought to have appeared in Sicily thanks to the Arabs, who arrived in the 10th century. The volcanic soil around Mount Etna, the sun-soaked climate of the Mediterranean and the cold nights are thought to all contribute to the unique and amazing flavour of Sicilian lemons – understood to be some of the sweetest in the world.

The scent of Sicilian lemons is used in some of the most high-end perfumes, all over the world. The best Italian Limoncello comes from the isle of Sicily and all of this is down to the unique soil and climate in which the lemon grows.

ODK’s founders have a personal connection with the island of Sicily and as a result still have orchards growing watermelons, lemons and other fruits located on the island. These lemons go directly into the ODK Sour line, producing in our humble opinion the greatest tasting Lemon sour in the world.

Did you know…

  • Lemons are great source of vitamin C, with one lemon providing over 50% of your daily recommended intake. Vitamin C is proven to be good for the heart as is lowering your cholesterol, which the lemon has also been proven to do.


  • Every bit of the lemon (apart from the rind) goes into our ODK Lemon Sour. The pulp of the lemon has been proven to be a great source of fibre which in turn is of great help to the digestive system. Therefore serving a drink containing our zingy ODK Lemon Sour is  a great way to support the digestive system following a meal.


  • Lemon’s have also been proven to aid with weight loss – although alcohol has been proven to do the opposite. So next time you mix up a tasty drink featuring our lemon sour – perhaps make it a mocktail if you are looking to make it a healthy drink too!


Speaking of mocktails, here is one of our very favourites; featuring ODK Lemon Sour and ODK Ginger Syrup – we call it quite simply, Ginger Lemonade (if you want to make it into a cocktail you can add 45 ml of vodka):

Ginger Lemonade Mocktail Recipe


20 ml of ODK Lemon Sour

20 ml of ODK Ginger Syrup

Top with soda water.

Instructions: Add ice to a long glass, pour in all your ingredients. Stir and mix well and serve with a slice of fresh lemon.


Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK.