ODK recipes & instructions with Marco Poidomani

Two time Coffee in Good Spirits Italian National Champion barista and ODK ambassador, Marco Poidomani, has been busy lately working with us to create a plethora of new videos.

Marco is one of the best in the world at making a range of drinks, be them coffee or cocktails. In our host of new videos on the ODK YouTube channel, Marco takes your through step by step how to make some of our most popular beverages.

From some of our most simple creations like our ODK Iced Tea, through to the slightly more complicated Espresso Tonic or a freshly made Lemonade – using our Sicilian Lemon Sour!

Whether you are a barista, bartender, cafe owner, or amateur – we can all learn something from this 2X National Champion barista.


Take a look at all our new ‘How to’ videos on our YouTube Channel (and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with our new content!)


Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK.