ODK Orsa, now in Chinese

As you may know, we are very proud here at ODK of being found in over 44 countries around the world. We have a large and diverse range of products in the ODK range: from fruit purees to naturally flavoured syrups, flavoured creams to iced tea mixtures, and more.

Thanks to our diverse range there is always scope to add value, whether it is cocktails in Italy, frappes in the UK, spiced Chai Tea in the UAE, or fruity tea in China. Every culture around the world has a different way of enjoying their drinks and we love to understand and add to this.

ODK in China

One of our latest adventures has been in China where we have been exploring how particularly our fruit purees and naturally flavoured syrups can be added to their age old traditional tea to create new and delicious drinks. So far the response has been excellent!

As part of our ongoing work in China we have also created a Chinese version of the Orsadrinks website. When entering the website, simply choose your language in the top left and each time you return from the same device, the language will remain the same.

We have been flattered by the response we have received in China, in particular with our fruit purees and syrups that have been used to create some new and great tasting tea. In China the tradition to keep the tea pure and not mix anything into it is still very strong, so we are very happy to see our fruit puree and syrup products being deemed good enough to mix with their traditional tea.


The Hotelex Exhibition, Shanghai

The Hotelex Exhibition in Shanghai is one of the biggest exhibitions in Asia for the food and beverage industry and we were honoured to be presenting there alongside our talented ODK Ambassador Marco Poidomani.

Marco prepared a typical Italian summer drink, the ‘Granita’ using one of our newest products, 100% lemon juice – made using entirely Sicilian lemons. Also on showcase was our great range of Italian frappe powders and spiced Chai Tea!


If you are interested in trying any of the ODK range in China, then we can direct you to our Country Manager – Giacomo Barucco. You can contact Giacomo at


Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK.