ODK in South East Asia: Vietnam

Our third and final stop of the ODK tour of South East Asia was Vietnam, specifically Ho Chi Minh City. Believed to have been occupied since the 2nd century BC, Vietnam has a long-standing culture.

During our visit to Vietnam with ODK Ambassador Jose Perez, we were also able to conduct a training session, including sales coaching to a number of restaurant chains, coffee shops, and more, which offer ODK drinks.

Jose, who also operates in the Asian market, put on another fantastic display of drinks using the ODK range; demonstrating the capability and versatility of what we have to offer.

Our partner and importer in the region has over 20 years experience in the food and beverage industry, offering everything from retail supply to home delivery.

Vietnam is a key exporter of coffee beans around the world due to its perfect climate for cultivation. Coffee is a very popular product in Vietnam, with its people adopting both the cultivation of the coffee bean as well as enjoying it personally and commercially.

Syrup is particularly popular in the region, with an estimated 2 million bottles used each year in the food and drink sector. With circa 95 million people in the country, that amounts to a lot of cups of coffee and the introduction of our range of syrups and barista syrups have only added a new dimension to the enjoyment of the world’s most popular bean.

With Vietnam being the last stop on our tour of South East Asia, all that was left to do was to return home; imbued with new cultural experiences and great memories from our visits to Hong Kong, Cambodia and Vietnam. We look forward to our return to this wonderful part of the world.