ODK in South East Asia: First stop, Hong Kong

Over the past few weeks, a team made up of our MD Mauro Parola and Country Manager Giacomo Barucco have been travelling to a number of different countries in South East Asia; meeting with our local ODK experts and sharing our latest product developments.

Joining Mauro and Giacomo on this trip was ODK Ambassador based in Dubai, Jose Perez.  An expert in the use of ODK products, Jose provides training to local bartenders and baristas as well as promotional presentations to interested business partners in Dubai. His experience in this field proved invaluable in meeting many of our new and current customers in South East Asia.

The first stop in South East Asia was the global trading territory of Hong Kong. Originally renowned around the world for its great trade of incense and fish, Hong Kong now operates as one of the most wealthy and powerful cities in the world.

Our journey started with a launch party for ODK in Hong Kong, organised by our partner in the region.  Our partner has over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, working with some of the most well-known eateries, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops in Hong Kong.

Their team is made up of a passionate group of fully certified baristas and this shines through in their presentation of ODK to the various VIP guests that attended the launch party.

Thanks to our partnership in Hong Kong you can now find various coffee, iced tea, fruit lemonade and milkshake drinks featuring ODK’s wide range of fruit purees, syrups and flavoured creams.

Next stop. Cambodia!

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