ODK in South East Asia: Cambodia

Following on from Part 1 of our adventures in South East Asia – ODK in South East Asia: First stop, Hong Kong – our next stop was the country of Cambodia.

The official religion of the Kingdom of Cambodia is Theravarda Buddhism and in true ODK spirit, we started our visit by getting to know the country, its traditions and its people.

We spent much of our time in the capital city, Phnom Penh. Here we met with our import partner and together with ODK Ambassador Jose Perez we demonstrated some of the quality and cost-saving benefits that can be gained by using ODK.

Our import partner organised a workshop on ‘How to open a small coffee business’, which attracted many local business people. The workshop was very informative and together with our demonstrations of how the different ODK products can be used in the preparation of fruit teas, coffees, frappes and more we were able to highlight advantages and convenience of using ODK.

We sat down with the manager of our importing partner, Sovankong Tang, to understand how ODK is being received in Cambodia, which drinks are the most popular and more…

What does your company specialise in here in Cambodia?

“We are one-stop coffee solution partners for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and cafes. We supply everything from the coffee machinery and equipment through to accessories, ingredients, recipes and barista training”

How have the ODK products been received in the Cambodian market?

“We have been selling ODK for 3 years here in Cambodia and it has been making a great impact. We find our customers really like the advantages ODK brings in its full range of products, with everything from fruit purees, to syrups and frappe powders.

There are cost advantages to using the ODK range, our customers love the bottle design and use of 100% natural colouring and gluten-free products have proved very popular.”

What are the most popular drinks?

“The fruit purees are very popular for making fruit smoothies, fruit tea shakes and yoghurt shakes. The ability to add a natural fruit flavour and to reduce wastage with the long shelf life of the product is giving our customers everything they want. The barista syrups and frappe powders are also very popular in adding a new and interesting taste and aroma to coffee drinks”.


Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK