ODK Ambassador Interview: Dubai with Jose Perez

We are very proud of our ODK ambassadors, many of  whom are situated all around the globe. As part of a new series on the ODK blog we will sit down with some of these ambassadors to get an idea of how ODK is being received in their market, what it takes to be an ODK ambassador, as well as what steps to take if you want to become an ODK ambassador…

This week we talk to Jose Perez, Beverage Consultant at the AKI Group based in Dubai.

For those who are thinking about becoming an ODK ambassador, tell us a bit about what you do?

“As an ODK Ambassador my daily role usually involves conducting product tastings, designing ways to use the product in new and innovative ways and providing training to local bartenders and baristas. A large part of the role also involves managing promotions to help spread the word in Dubai as well as meeting with prospective clients to demonstrate the amazing range of drinks the ODK product can create”

Where are you an ODK ambassador?

“I m based in Dubai but we are supplying ODK across the whole of the United Arab Emirates. It is a great place for the high quality ODK product as there are many 5 star hotels, restaurant chains, cafes and luxury establishments – since March 2017 we have been providing ODK to many of these places. I believe there is even more potential in the UAE market for ODK to be successful .”

Tell us about your favourite ODK product?

“For me it is the ODK Lychee Fruit Puree. I have an Asian palate so it is my ‘cup of tea’! It reminds me of my favourite wine called Gewurztraminer. Although the Lychee flavour is my favourite I love many of the ODK products as the ingredients used are very natural and I can use it in so many situations.”

If you are thinking about becoming an ODK Ambassador. Please just drop ODK a message on social media or email


Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK.