How to make a delicious chocolate garnish for cocktails and desserts using ODK syrup

ODK syrups have a wide range of uses. Found in over 50 countries around the world, you will see ODK syrups in use in everything from cocktails to coffees, mocktails to desserts.

And just because you can never have enough uses for your bottle of ODK syrup! Our talented team here at ODK HQ in Italy have come up with another way to make a delightful chocolate foam! With a little of our ODK Chocolate, or Choco Cookie syrup, a dash of ODK Vanilla Frappe powder and a few other ingredients

Bear in mind for this recipe you need a piece of specialist equipment in the shape of an espuma gun or foam gun – and of course a little Agar Agar, a widely available gelling agent.

This chocolate garnish is the perfect addition to a sweet drink or a dessert. It is easy to prepare a large number of these and leave them in the fridge, ready to serve at a moments notice. Alternatively, you can also just leave the mixture in your espuma gun also in the fridge.


Now, time to explore the recipe:


• 400 ml cold milk
• 40 g ODK Hints of Vanilla Frappe powder
• 120 ml ODK Chocolate syrup or Choco Cookie syrup
• 2.5 g Agar Agar
• 1 scoop of ice


Add all ingredients into a blender. Blend until reaching the desired consistency. Pour the contents into the espuma gun. Gently shake and store in the fridge for at least 5 minutes before using.

Enjoy food and drinks the best way, discover ODK.