How to create milk foam like a professional barista

Before we get into how to create the perfect milk foam for hot drinks, first you will need to have access to a steamer wand or milk frother (pictured above), a metal milk jug and a thermometer. If you are keen coffee drinker chances are you may even have all of these in your own home.

There is a great variety of hot drinks that can be made with milk and when you introduce ODK Barista Syrups the variety only increases further.  From caramel lattes to amaretto cappuccinos, let your taste buds be the judge.

First things first, however, how do we ensure the milk for your hot drinks has that perfect foamy consistency?

Clear the wand

It is important to make sure the steamer wand is dry and clear of any residual water so give it a good blast for a few seconds, then give it a wipe with a dry cloth.


Check the temperature of your milk

To get the perfect milk foam the temperature of the milk is key. The milk needs to be used directly from the fridge. Depending on what type of hot drink you are making you will need a different amount of milk, take a look at our video recipes to find the exact measurements for the drink you want to make.


Positioning is everything

How you position the steamer wand in your milk jug is key to making the perfect milk froth, too much and the milk will heat too quickly, too little and the milk won’t froth whatsoever. Position the tip of the steamer wand in the spout of the jug and incline the jug about 45 degrees with the tip about 1cm from the side of the jug.

Using the steamer

The aim is to keep the tip of the steamer wand just below the surface of the milk. Once you turn on the steamer you should start to see a swirling motion forming in the jug, similar to water draining down a plughole. Once the swirling motion has started, gently move the jug up as the milk foam is produced, when the milk foam reaches the top of the jug, move the jug up so the steamer wand heats the base of the jug for a few seconds.


Get your thermometer out

To get the absolute perfect milk foam you will need a thermometer. Turn off the steamer when the thermometer measures 60 degrees celsius. Give the steamer wand a quick wipe with a clean cloth and set the milk jug to the side.



Lift the jug and tap it down on the counter twice, quite firmly. This will make all the bubbles come to the surface, creating a thick foam. Move the jug in a swirling motion to mix the foam with the milk until the foam looks shiny.

You now have your very own perfect milk foam! Use immediately. If the milk cools it will go flat and you will need to perform these steps again.


Don’t forget you can watch the Italian National Champion barista and ODK Ambassador, Marco Poidomani, prepare a whole range of hot drinks, step-by-step, on our YouTube page.



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