How does ODK Orgeat Syrup compare to the competitors?

We came across a  YouTube video from professional UK bartender, Steve the Bartender. In this particular video, Steve was comparing Orgeat syrups from some of the major brands; including ourselves, Monin and Giffard.

As you can see in the video, Steve confesses to being a long time Monin user when it comes to syrups, particularly so for Orgeat. This is quite often the case with many people in the bar industry as Monin has a long-standing reputation. However, just because your brand has been around for a long time, this doesn’t necessarily mean your product is the best.

In fact, in the taste test the Monin orgeat syrup, when compared to the Giffard and ODK syrups, was ranked last.

Steve carries out two taste tests, one neat and the other in a popular Orgeat cocktail, the Mai Tai. We were very happy to find ODK Orgeat Syrup coming out number one on both tests!

Although Orgeat Syrup has come to be known as Almond syrup, Orgeat is, in fact, a popular flavour from Tiki cocktail culture that fuses together the flavours of Almond and Orange. We think this is what helped our syrup come out on top, as we use natural extracts of almond, orange and a hint of vanilla.

If you are new to ODK and you are yet to give any of our syrups, fruit purees, juices or anything else a try – all we can say is give us a go! You won’t be disappointed.


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