Homemade or packaged fruit puree?

As you can imagine, there are strengths and weaknesses to both. However, as the quality and design of fruit purees have increased, the weaknesses that held back packaged fruit purees have also started to disappear.


A prepared and packaged fruit puree, such as ODK, will always provide a consistent flavour. This means each and every time you make a drink, you can guarantee the quality.

If you are making the puree yourself, it is worth remembering that the acid/sweetness profile needs to be balanced from batch to batch. Packaged purees perform this process in a laboratory, however, when doing this yourself it all comes down to taste testing.


Although not all packaged fruit purees are the same in this regard, most will remain fresh for a much longer period of time than freshly prepared fruit puree you have made yourself. Typically, homemade fruit puree will keep for 10 days in the fridge however you can also freeze them. This can make it awkward for service however if you have run out of puree and you haven’t defrosted the next batch.

Quite often, some of your fresh purees will end up in the bin. Packaged fruit purees such as ODK are sealed in a specially designed bottle, meaning they will remain fresh for a matter of months once opened – rather than days.



Packaged fruit purees allow for more choice. Fruits are seasonal and only grow in certain climates and places in the world, therefore getting hold of fresh fruit all year round can be very hard to do. Packaged fruit purees like ODK source and puree fruit from their native lands all over the globe, all year round. Ensuring you can get Lychee or Yuzu fruit puree in Sweden, or Strawberry or Banana puree in Dubai.


When service is busy you most certainly don’t have time to be cutting up fruit, pureeing it and decanting it into easy to use squeezy bottles. With prepared fruit purees, such as ODK, it is simple as grabbing a bottle of puree of your choice, shaking it, popping the cap, breaking the seal and pouring. ODK fruit purees come in a specially designed and patented squeezy bottle so no time wasted on decanting here.



The main argument for fresh fruit puree over packaged fruit puree has long been that fresh fruit puree is better quality. Nowadays, however, significant advances in food preparation and more focus on providing healthier foods have ushered in a new quality of prepared fruit purees, which taste almost identical to a freshly prepared, homemade fruit puree.

ODK is cutting out artificial citric acid, which is used in food and drink products around the world to balance acidity and sweetness and replacing it with fresh Sicilian lemon juice.

All of our products are also Gluten-Free and are coloured using natural fruit and vegetable colourings and no genetically modified fruit is used.


So, homemade or packaged fruit puree?

Although there may still be a slight argument that can be made in favour of homemade fresh fruit purees regarding quality and taste, the advantages over well made and packaged fruit purees like ODK are barely noticeable.

When you take into account the time and labour saved through zero preparation, the advantages to be had on year-round choice, flavour consistency and no wastage it begs the question: why are you still making your own fruit purees?