Drink of the month: Yuzu Mojito, July 2019

The yuzu is a citrus fruit, which is particularly popular in Asia in countries such as Korea, China and Japan and is believed to originate in the region of Tibet. Although the colour of a lemon, it looks more like a small grapefruit and the taste profile is often described as a mixture of the grapefruit and mandarin orange.

This interesting flavour profile can make for some unique and great tasting drinks, particularly in parts of the world where the yuzu fruit is harder to find.

Our product team spend a lot of time testing out new drinks and recipes – ah the benefits of working at a drinks company! The stand-out drink of the month for July was this Yuzu Mojito.

The fresh flavours of the mint combined with the bitter flavours of the yuzu fruit puree are a perfect match and just what we are craving in this hot summer weather!

Now for the recipe…

Yuzu Mojito


30 ml ODK yuzu fruit puree

5 ml ODK sweet and sour

50 ml rum of your choice (or without rum to keep it non-alcoholic)

10 mint leaves

Soda water


Partially tear or clap the mint leaves, add them to the glass along with the fruit puree, sweet and sour, and rum (if you are making it alcoholic). Fill to the top with crushed ice. Give it a good muddle and a stir with a bar spoon and top with soda water.

Garnish with a lime wedge and mint sprig.


You can also try this recipe with any of our other fruit purees! Don’t be afraid to experiment…


Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK