Drink of the month: Watermelon & Passion Fruit Cooler, October 2019

Here at ODK we believe that as a drinks company it is our duty to experiment with flavours and with the widest range of fruit purees available we have a lot of experimenting to do. If you have been following our recent Drinks of the Month you will have seen Septembers winner, A Hint of Basil. Basil is not usually a flavour most people would associate with a drink but anyone who as tried our little creation might argue otherwise.

Continuing with the trend of experimenting with the many flavours at our disposal at ODK, we discovered our Drink of the Month for October, donned the Watermelon & Passion Fruit Cooler.

With Dry-January fast approaching, many of you will be happy to see this is another non-alcoholic cocktail! Although, if you really want, you can have a little experiment of your own with the spirits.

This drink is both refreshing and unique. Although you will recognise the freshness of the watermelon and the tartness of the passion fruit, the introduction of our Violet syrup adds a lovely extra touch to the aroma of the Watermelon & Passion Fruit Cooler as you enjoy it.

Now, for the recipe. How good does that look!?

Watermelon and Passion Fruit Cooler


• 3 slices Watermelon
• 30ml Passion Fruit Fruity Mix ODK
• 10ml Violet Syrup ODK
• Top Soda water



Muddle the watermelon slices into a tiki mug or tall glass. Pour over passion fruit puree and violet syrup. Fill with crushed ice, muddle with a bar spoon and top with soda.


Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK