Drink of the month: Spicy Femmina, June 2019

This month’s drink comes from our very own product specialist at ODK, Luca Abba and features a grand variety of our cocktail syrup and fruity mix range – as well as the new Orsa Drinks Malafemmena tonic water – it’s also non-alcoholic.

It is fair to say this drink can be enjoyed all year round and provides a fun and fruity taste with a hot aftertaste. There is a reason we called it the Spicy Femmina!

ODK Chili Syrup is a unique and special flavour that you really have to experiment with in your drinks to get the perfect balance – one thing is for sure, if you are a bartender who likes a bit of heat, this is a syrup you need to try. After all you need something interesting to replace the alcohol!

Now to get stuck in and have a go at making this refreshing and wonderful mocktail, our drink of the month for June 2019 – the Spicy Femmina:

Spicy Femmina

A drink to help you fight the summer time thirst. A strong grapefruit taste with a hint of mandarin, a light chili aftertaste and a refreshing touch of tonic water.



20 ml ODK pink grapefruit fruit puree
10 ml ODK mandarin fruit puree
10 ml ODK chili syrup
◦ Top with Orsadrinks Malafemmena tonic water


This is a built mocktail, so pour each of the ingredients one by one into an ice filled collins glass. Using a bar spoon or a stirrer, give the mixture a good mix. Garnish and serve.


Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK.