Drink of the month: Pineapple Mojito Mocktail, January 2019

We are kicking off our Drink of the Month for January very early so we can give you something tasty and non-alcoholic to enjoy for all you out there giving Dry January a go!

Dry January is of course about going without any alcohol for the whole month, which I can say I certainly need after one too many Brandy’s during the Christmas period!

Most importantly, Dry January is about showing yourself you can go for a whole month without a drop of alcohol. Here at ODK we love drinks of all kinds from flavoured lattes to chai tea, mocktails to cocktails and everything in between. However this month it is about the mocktail, a Pineapple Mojito Mocktail to be exact!

Fresh from the ODK team in Sweden, this mocktail is deceptively simple – although the crushed ice might be a little hard to come by unless you willing to get handy with a rolling pin. Here it is:


Pineapple Mojito Mocktail



  • Take 2-3 small pineapple pieces and cut them into roughly 1 inch
  • 4-5 mint leaves
  • 1 tbsp ODK Lime Sour
  • 10 ml ODK Pineapple Fruit Puree
  • 50ml Pineapple Juice
  • Soda water
  • Crushed ice
  • Pineapple wedge and mint leaves to garnish


Take your pineapple pieces and place them in the bottom of a tall glass. Clap your mint leaves and add these to the glass. Now add the lime juice, pineapple fruit puree, pineapple juice and muddle. Add the crushed ice, use a bar spoon to mix it up and top with soda water.


Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK.