Drink of the month: Orangins, January 2020

This cocktail may not have been enjoyed by the Romans, however, one of the key ingredients most certainly was – Falernum. As our ancient ancestors here in Italy, we have had a little fun with this cocktail calling it ‘Orangins’, which of course is a genial mix of Orange and Origins.

This cocktail is a really fun one to make, although it doesn’t have to be served in a hollowed-out orange. In fact, it makes for the perfect aperitif, combining the tropical and spicy taste of ODK Falernum syrup with Italian wine, vermouth and a hint of honey.

If you are looking for an unorthodox cocktail, this ticks almost every box!

Here is how to put together this unique tasting and very potent wine-based cocktail, hollowed-out orange and all:


Carefully remove the top of an orange and remove the insides, leaving a hollowed-out vessel, be careful not to pierce the skin of the orange. If you have a kitchen blowtorch, use this to quickly heat up the inner side of the orange, drying the surface and adding a little integrity.


  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 40ml Pelaverga red wine
  • 30ml Red vermouth
  • 10ml ODK Falernum Syrup
  • 10ml water


Mix the honey, red wine, and vermouth in a jar or container that you can also heat up with the kitchen blowtorch – as you will need to ensure the honey melts and mixes with the wine and vermouth.

Now pour this mixture into a mixing glass and add the ODK Falernum Syrup, and water.

Stir the mixture with a bar spoon, allowing it to cool. Single strain into your hollowed out orange or drinking glass and enjoy.


Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK.