Drink of the month, October 2020: Vanilla & Cinammon Whisky Sour

Our drink of the month for October is a devilishly tasty cocktail created by the bartender Davide Tancredi at the Shaka Cocktail Bar in Loana, Savona, Italy.

We have chosen Davide’s cocktail as our drink of the month as it expertly blends two ODK syrups and our newest addition to the Orsadrinks family, Stillabunt: Magic Velvet.

Stillabunt: Magic Velvet is a cocktail foamer, adding just a few drops during the cocktail making process will create a smooth and perfect white foam on top of the cocktail – which is traditionally achieved by the use of eggwhites. Eggs are expensive in comparison and have other limitations, so Stillabunt provides a suitable alternative.

As with any sour, this whisky sour maintains the spirit at the heart of the cocktail adding just a few flavours to enhance the experience. Davide has complimented the choice of a sweet and warm Bourbon, with a vanilla syrup and cinnamon to garnish. Overall, this cocktail will leave you feeling warm and hearty.

Now for the recipe so you can try this cocktail for yourself!


Vanilla & Cinnamon Whisky Sour

50 ml bourbon whisky (Jim Bean)
30 ml freshly squeezed lime
10 ml ODK white sugar syrup
20 ml ODK vanilla syrup
8 drops of Stillabunt: Magic Velvet


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