Drink of the Month: El Alguacil, June 2020

It is Drink of the Month time again and we have something very tasty to share with you from June! If you are a fan of peanut butter then this could be your new favourite drink.

This cocktail comes all the way from Greece and the very talented @jr.bartender.

El Alguacil, which translates as the sheriff, is a cocktail we can certainly see the local marshal drinking! A mixture of high-quality tequila, espresso coffee liqueur and ODK peanut butter syrup this cocktail really is a grand celebration for your taste buds.

And that’s if your nose doesn’t get in there first! As soon as this cocktail is laid before you the waft of coffee enters the nostrils, coalesced with the sweet scent of the ODK peanut butter syrup and the spiciness of the tequila.

Best enjoyed as a dessert cocktail, El Alguacil is best served on ice in a rocks glass, garnished with walnut, orange peel, and a few coffee beans.

Now for the recipe…


El Alguacil





Leave your rocks glass to chill and grab a mixing glass. Add each of the ingredients and a few cubes of ice. Stir well, allowing the cocktail to dilute. Remove the ice from your rocks glass. Finally, strain the cocktail from your mixing glass into your rocks glass and add a single, large cube of clear ice. Garnish, serve, and enjoy.


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