Drink of the month: Frozen coconut margarita, May 2019

As the weather starts to get a little warmer our mind drifts to hotter climates and more tropical tastes. Spring is well and truly here and Summer is not too far away.

Which taste sparks thoughts of a tropical location more than the coconut? Don’t worry we have something a little more revolutionary than the pina colada for you here – although that cocktail is a classic for good reason.

Last month we had the delicious and fruity Raspberry Ripple from the UK featuring our ODK Vanilla Syrup, this time around it is the Coconut Concoction cocktail which as been inspired by the ODK team in Sweden.

This cocktail features one of the most popular spirits of 2019, tequila, which is perfectly matched with our 100% Mexican Lime juice, a little ODK Coconut Fruit Puree and a fair amount of crushed ice making it absolutely perfect for the incoming summer season.

Now for the fun part, here is how to make your own frozen coconut margarita cocktail:

Frozen coconut margarita cocktail



30 ml Tequila plata

60 ml ODK Coconut Fruit Puree

15 ml Triple Sec

15 ml ODK 100% Lime Juice

15ml Tequila float (optional)



Add all ingredients (apart from the float) to a blender along with a scoop of ice. Blend well and pour into a chilled highball glass. Stir and top up drink with tequila float for a little extra kick! Garnish with fresh lime, in a shape of your choice.


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