Discover ODK Peach fruit puree: Cocktail recipes, fun facts, and more...

As we are coming into the peach season we thought we would explore this golden beauty of a fruit in this week’s blog. We are very proud of our peach fruit puree, which is packed full of peaches grown and cultivated right here in Italy.

We have gathered some interesting and fun facts about the humble peach so you can go into a little more detail next time you are talking about why you chose peach puree for your drink recipe…

Although originally from a region in the north west of China, the peach tree now grows around the world in dry, continental and temperate climates – although it can’t be hot all year round, the trees need a period of chilling before they bare fruit!

Did you know, there are over 2000 known varieties of peach? That makes it one of the world’s most varied fruits. China is still the world’s largest producer of peaches and in Chinese culture the peach is a symbol of good luck, protection and longevity.

We pack so much peach into our ODK peach fruit puree, you may even be able to gain some of the health benefits too if you have enough:

  • Peaches are full of vitamin A and C
  • They are also a good source of fibre helping with digestion
  • Peaches also contain compounds that are great for your heart and skin
  • The peach could even reduce allergy symptoms, reducing the amount of histamine the body produces!

So it turns out the peach, like most fruits is pretty good for you! We are not sure how many of these cocktails you would need to get those benefits though – we’ll leave that to you:

Kusmiz Cocktail



Pour all ingredients, except champagne, in a shaker with ice and shake. Double strain in a chilled highball. Top with champagne and garnish.


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Enjoy drinks the best way, discover ODK